Welcome to Nesco Group!!


Nesco Group mission and quality will act with absolute honesty & integrity in dealing with its Customers, Employees and Society at large.

Nesco Group will always care for its customers by delivering value to them & delight them through quality products & services.

Nesco Group will encourage creativity & innovation across the organization and offer equal opportunity for growth to all employees through a culture of meritocracy, teamwork, commitment & discipline.

Nesco Group will always adopt fair practices and thereby we will aim to become a symbol of Trust & Reliability for all stakeholders. We will strive to maximize value for our shareholders as well as all stakeholders in a balanced manner.

"Customers Are Really Everything" Enough said about us…. Please feel free to browse through all that we have to offer on our Nesco group website. We wish to hear from you. We have done it in the real world. We humbly request the honour of your presence with us in the virtual world as well.


Life at Nesco Group:-

If you are looking for exigent, demanding and self driven achievements in your career path, welcome to be a Nescoite. Life at Nesco provides you challenges that would take you to newer heights, and have fulfillment!

We offer you opportunities, ample freedom to enhance your capabilities and access to resources for personal and professional growth. Our experience of last 60 years as a public limited firm provides you the foundation to enhance and enrich the career that you always wanted.

At Nesco, you'll have the chance to take on challenging responsibilities. Each empowered employee generates positive energy by self-driven commitment to the company goals. At Nesco team you will be part of a team where individual and group both are given proper attention to achieve what is being planned. Working in and with Nesco is an experience that adds valuable cultural change into your portfolio.

We believe our people are our power! Our vision and mission are based on what our people desires. It is community of people who is important for us. We believe in our intellectual capital that is driving force behind our rapid growth. For last 60 years our people have build this organization and continue to do so.

As you explore opportunities with Nesco we welcome you to experience the blend of experienced professionalism from our oldies, exciting new inputs from newbies and both these are nurtured by great visionary promoters.

Welcome to be Nescoite!


Work with all leading brands of IT computers ,mobiles,Home decor and its peripherals


Work with all leading brands of IT computers ,mobiles,Home decor and its peripherals


Work with all leading brands of IT computers ,mobiles,Home decor and its peripherals